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Thankful Thursday

Today we CELEBRATE LIFE 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

What a way to remember

Cinco de Mayo 2020 🎉

After surpassing a Traumatic Birth experience on July 30, 2010, I continued to grieve the fact that I did not experience Motherhood the way I dreamed! Life exposed me to every aspects there were to being a Medical Mom (Mother of Twins one being an Uniqwarrior). From scheduled surgeries, to doctors not even knowing what to do next! Simple fact that after going through and getting through many obstacles we were all facing a world crisis (2020)! Yeap, in the midst of a Pandemic I was more concerned on keeping my family safe and having absolutely NO exposure to the deadly virus 🦠 at all! But to our surprise, God had other plans! I couldn’t understand why this was happening!

Jahmya had pulled out her gtube (at least we thought being stubborn) but that was her way of communicating with us that she was in pain and something needed to be done. Robert was usually the one that did Jahmya’s Trach and gtube care because I couldn’t fathom the fact of something going wrong! But on this particular day he could not get the gtube back into the hole in her stomach. I rushed home from work and headed to Miami Children’s

with the intention of the ER staff replacing the Gtube. Not knowing what was yet to come. While waiting in the room to be seen by the Doctor and Medical students, Jahmya stomach begin to distend and brown bile was draining from the gtube site! I began to panic! I Kept buzzing alarm to the nurses station! Still no one! She then began to throw up! I kid you not it was like a scene out of a horror movie. I to feel sick to my stomach and start demanding service right now!!!!!!!!! The ER team rush in the room and we realize that it was actually poop! Yes poop was coming through the opening in her stomach as well as out of her mouth! I was beyond grossed out to the fact that I needed answers to the unknow! They immediately took Jahmya to do a X-ray. The X-ray showed she had a lot of stool in her belly and she just needed to poop! So they thought!

After being transported back to the room in the ER, they administered nauseating medicine and gave her a suppository diagnosing that this would solve the problem once she pass a stool! This only was the start of destruction. Which made things get worse! Jahmya was crying out in agony only saying “Mommy help” “Mommy help”! I had never heard my baby say Mommy help! NEVER! I was sooooo helpless and hopeless 😞 feeling as if I was in a situation where I could not help my baby! The nurse came in and said, “mom we are about to discharge you all!” I stated “NO THE “eff y’all not”my baby is in pain and it’s something wrong! she’s verbally expressing this by saying Mommy Help. Look at her little belly. That’s not normal.

(Jahmya’s distended abdomen)

I demanded more testing and ADVOCATED for my daughter! The team and the ER had to get clearance from Cardiology because the Valve that Jahmya now have, had limitations on being exposed to sooooo much radiation and in order to get a clear picture, she needed to go do a MRI! So Dr.Khan came in to talk to me and examine Jahmya. He also cleared her to go do the imaging!

We went up to do imaging and before we can be fully wheeled back into the ER room the nurse walked up and said Mom y’all are going straight upstairs to the CICU they admitted Jahmya. At this point it was no longer about the stomach in my head, my thoughts became her HEART! Here we go again 🤦🏾‍♀️ I called Robert and told him they keeping her! I knew something was wrong! He said I’m in route now back out there with you!

So because we were just a month in a half into the Pandemic they weren’t allowing both parents to be present but this particular nurse apparently knew what was going on and allowed both of us up! Everyone was moving so fast I still wasn’t understanding what could be possibly happening right now! Why are they hooking her up to machines, why isn’t anyone saying anything!

The doctor called us out of the room because she didn’t know how the news could affect Jahmya and that’s when she broke the SILENCE! “Im sorry Mom” the empathy that was displayed on the Doctor 👩🏾‍⚕️face. The sorrow in her eyes as she saw the pain in Robert and I eyes. My response was, “Sorry for what”? Mom we hAve reached out to the surgeon and he’s on his way, Jahmya has to have emergency surgery! My eyes were blood shot red from anger, despair and worry!

The first thought in my mind was her heart! Why? Jahmya just had heart surgery January 14, 2020 and cardiologist had to clear her to do the MRI which showed what the doctor continued to say, “Jahmya has Malrotation with Volvus and have to go in to EMERGENCY SURGERY NOW!” Malrotation causes the parts of the intestine to settle in the wrong part of the abdomen, which can cause them to become blocked or to twist. Intestinal volvulus is a condition in which the bowel becomes twisted, which may be the result of malrotation. How in the hell did this happen!?

9 years and we never had to sign off on an emergency surgery for Jahmya! Every surgery prior to this was planned! How did this happen, why did this happen? She was just fine! Literally got on her physical therapy zoom that morning working out! How in the hell did this happen!? I felt like we were signing Jahmya’s life away! The trauma!

Always having complications with her 2 major organs. Heart ♥️ & lungs 🫁 this just didn’t sit well with me! What did I do wrong, why was I being punished! All of this was running through my mind! My anxiety was to the roof and there was nothing I could do about it but pray!

(Picture of Jahmya’s actual intestines)

Jahmya’s Intestines were all twisted up! “Angry” the word the surgeon 👨🏻‍⚕️ used! If they had not intervened when they did, Jahmya would have not been here with us today! The twisiting of Jahmya’s intestine were still in the blood flow and parts of her bowels were starting to die. The surgeon was able to save majority of her intestines and complete a reconstruction.

God saw her through the surgery & she’s here today to celebrate 🎉 I’m rejoicing because God Is an awesome God.

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Praise God & you definitely have a Unique Warrior as well as yourself & your husband. Love you lil cousin & I'm definitely praying for continued healing and blessings for your daughter, your other children, you & your husband 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤


God is indeed good!!!

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